Price list

Advertisements Price List

 If you want to advertise on my Blog then here is my Price list. All ads must be approved by me and published by me. Meaning that you give me access to your website,tell me what you want advertised and which price plan you want. Please do not leave anything in my comments about advertising. Go to the" Contact me" section of my blog and use that to contact me about advertising. Any quaries about advertising not in the Contact me section will not be answered.

Your ad 1 ad 1 page $20.00month
Your ad 1 ad 2 pages $40.00month
Your ad 1 ad 3 pages $60.00month
Your ad 1 ad 4 pages $80.00month
Your ad 1 ad 5 pages $100.00month

I will not do several different ads but I will put one ad on several pages for you. As far as payment I only deal with paypal NO CHECKS and no cash. I can send you a bill which you can use for a credit card as well. Do not forget to include your email address as well.